Sunday, August 5, 2012

World Breastfeeding Week + The BIG LATCH ON

What a special week for us as nursing mothers. I had no idea going down this road I would add in extra special days to my calender! This so far has been an amazing week in learning more about breastfeeding. Meghyn is my first EBF baby. With Mylie the nurses told me I was to young, I believe I tried, but it was all a FAIL! Then with Makynlie I nursed her some in the hospital, but with her going to the NICU and me recovering from my c-section, it was just all bad. But when she came home I tried like crazy. Still supplementing here and there due to having to supplement in the NICU (plus no response from a lactation consultant I called for every day!), but I really tried. I ended up getting blood blisters, and when one popped in Makynlie's mouth that was it. I didn't have the support, or the knowledge I have now. I'm not saying I'm a expert, I'm not close to that, but I know more now, than I knew then. Meghyn though....she is such a champ!

Since day one she has nursed like a pro! I had the best support not only from my husband but from a amazing doula named Barb. I took her breastfeeding class on a recommendation from a friend at church. I brought along a friend of mine to the class who was due the week after me. I was like a eager student waiting to learn. I brought paper, pens, highlighter, and a great attitude. I couldn't wait to learn. She taught us the Skin to Skin Kangaroo Care. After learning about that I knew that it was what I wanted to. So, she came to be the first person to attend my room (even before my husband) right after my c-section to start the Kangaroo Care. It was amazing to watch my baby do what she was born to do. She worked for two hours, crawling, lifting her head, turning her head...and she worked her way over and latched on all by herself. No help needed. I cried. It felt so empowering to watch and witness this happen. But the best part was what was happening with my baby and I. A bond that is completely unexplainable.

For almost 3 months now she has been "boob" only. On July 28th, for my brother Kyle's memorial service, we gave her a bottle for the first time. She was going to spend a few hours at her Besta's house while we attended the memorial. I cried just as hard as I did when she latched for the first time. But she took it and was content. I could tell when I got back from the memorial she was happy to get the boob back. And I was happy to get her back.

This is us on August 4, 2012 after attending The Big Latch On that was hosted by Rosie Posie Baby in Anaheim, Ca. This came at such the right time for me. I have been in a realm of extreme confidence in nursing my child. I feel so comfortable. It was GREAT to be around other women who share that same confedince and comfortably as I do. During that min we were to LATCH ON, Meghyn woke up and took hold with no problems. I think she was just stoked to wake up and BAM! boob was right there. No fussin needed. Ha ha ha ha. Anyways, today was great. I'm so happy I was able to take part in something that is so amazing.

I encourage any mother out there that is wanting to breastfeed their baby. DO IT!! Its such a amazing bond between mother and child. Do your research and know the positives about it. And remember, "NO QUESTION IS A STUPID QUESTION!" If you have a question, no matter the level of TMI, ask. Cause I didn't ask when it came to the blood blisters with Makynlie and I regret that all the time.

To learn more about breastfeeding click here. To learn more about THE BIG LATCH ON and the world record setting click here.


  1. Beautifully put I am so proud of you. I knew you would be successful my friend!! Looking forward to reading more post!!

  2. I don't know if I've ever told you this, but you have always inspired me to be a better momma. I always floundered with motherhood, thinking I was too young, etc, but over the last few years, seeing you with your kids and knowing that we are the same age and went through our first pregnancies at the same time always helped me feel better about being a mom, having a friend who knew exactly what I was going through. I know that if I ever have anymore kids, I will DEFINITELY consider giving BF another try, and I just might try the cloth diapers, too! I love reading your blogs, thank you do much for all the shared experience!

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