Thursday, August 16, 2012

Review on Amber Teething Necklace

So...Amber. When I first heard about amber being used as a pain  reliever for children who are teething, seriously, I was not shocked. I mean there are some crazy people out there. ha ha. But seriously..they had to be kidding right? NO THEY WEREN'T! In fact there are some people out there who insists on them, raving that even their child's mood changes when they have them on.

If you think about it. How many times have you rubbed Orajel on their gums a day? Or how many doses of Tylenol (or other pain relievers) have you given your little one in a day? Well in my case, A LOT!! Tylenol  was every 4 hours as directed, and Orajel was pretty much every hour. It sucked. Not to mention all the crazy ingredients that are in both of those. So what was i really giving my child? The thought of it makes me upset. So I caved and thought, "I'm going to give this 'Amber Necklace' a try". Thinking this is all in these crazy peoples mind, this isn't going to work...blah blah blah....

WOW!!! I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS LITTLE MIRACLE!! I saw a change right away. Well, more like 3 days after. But YES there was something going on.

When I went in to Rosie Posie to get the necklace I had tons of questions. And thankfully there they have great employees who not only have amazing customer service, but the knowledge to back up the products they sell. So here is what I learned about Amber:

Formed over 45 million years ago, Baltic amber is an organic substance, a “fossil resin” produced by pine trees which grew in Northern Europe - from southern regions of the present day Scandinavia and nearby regions of the bed of the Baltic Sea. The climate became warmer and trees started to exude big amounts of resin. Scientists say that amber is a fossil pine resin from this region that has achieved a stable state through oxidation.

Currently, there are two different thoughts as to why wearing amber on the skin can have soothing and calming effects on teething children. One thought suggests that when amber is worn on the skin, the skin's warmth releases miniscule amounts of healing oils from amber which are then absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream. The other theory is based on scientific findings which have shown that amber is electromagnetically alive and produces significant amounts of organic, purely natural energy.

If your like me, all that is like listening to Charlie Brown's mother talking. Well in "help me understand terms", the amber when warmed by the skin releases a natural acetaminophen. This helps with pain and is a anti-inflammatory.

But I also found that this really does help with mood as well in the child. I forgot the necklace outside one time and Makynlie was acting crazy, moody, and just over all emotional. When it clicked that she wasn't wearing her necklace, I ran outside to get it. I put it on her and within a hour she was playing, happy, and just going about her day. So far we have had a molar pop out while she has been wearing the necklace. I was shocked to see it there, she didn't show any signs...expect that one half of a day where she wasn't wearing it.

She loves this necklace just as much as we do. We call it her special 'pretties'.  She is alway eager to put it on. Plus you have to admit its adorable.

I would highly recommend this to anyone with a child who IS teething, or start them off earlier to help the problems with teething sooner (we plan to get our 3 month old one this week). You can find these necklaces at your local eco-baby store or online.They range between $12-$30. Mine was $28 from Rosie Posie (you can check their choices here). The amber also comes in different shades and you have the options of polished or not. I got a polished Honey necklace.

To Learn more about Amber and it's benifits click here. To learn about Amber and it's role in teething click here. To purchuse a Amber necklace click here to be sent to a google search of current vendors.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

World Breastfeeding Week + The BIG LATCH ON

What a special week for us as nursing mothers. I had no idea going down this road I would add in extra special days to my calender! This so far has been an amazing week in learning more about breastfeeding. Meghyn is my first EBF baby. With Mylie the nurses told me I was to young, I believe I tried, but it was all a FAIL! Then with Makynlie I nursed her some in the hospital, but with her going to the NICU and me recovering from my c-section, it was just all bad. But when she came home I tried like crazy. Still supplementing here and there due to having to supplement in the NICU (plus no response from a lactation consultant I called for every day!), but I really tried. I ended up getting blood blisters, and when one popped in Makynlie's mouth that was it. I didn't have the support, or the knowledge I have now. I'm not saying I'm a expert, I'm not close to that, but I know more now, than I knew then. Meghyn though....she is such a champ!

Since day one she has nursed like a pro! I had the best support not only from my husband but from a amazing doula named Barb. I took her breastfeeding class on a recommendation from a friend at church. I brought along a friend of mine to the class who was due the week after me. I was like a eager student waiting to learn. I brought paper, pens, highlighter, and a great attitude. I couldn't wait to learn. She taught us the Skin to Skin Kangaroo Care. After learning about that I knew that it was what I wanted to. So, she came to be the first person to attend my room (even before my husband) right after my c-section to start the Kangaroo Care. It was amazing to watch my baby do what she was born to do. She worked for two hours, crawling, lifting her head, turning her head...and she worked her way over and latched on all by herself. No help needed. I cried. It felt so empowering to watch and witness this happen. But the best part was what was happening with my baby and I. A bond that is completely unexplainable.

For almost 3 months now she has been "boob" only. On July 28th, for my brother Kyle's memorial service, we gave her a bottle for the first time. She was going to spend a few hours at her Besta's house while we attended the memorial. I cried just as hard as I did when she latched for the first time. But she took it and was content. I could tell when I got back from the memorial she was happy to get the boob back. And I was happy to get her back.

This is us on August 4, 2012 after attending The Big Latch On that was hosted by Rosie Posie Baby in Anaheim, Ca. This came at such the right time for me. I have been in a realm of extreme confidence in nursing my child. I feel so comfortable. It was GREAT to be around other women who share that same confedince and comfortably as I do. During that min we were to LATCH ON, Meghyn woke up and took hold with no problems. I think she was just stoked to wake up and BAM! boob was right there. No fussin needed. Ha ha ha ha. Anyways, today was great. I'm so happy I was able to take part in something that is so amazing.

I encourage any mother out there that is wanting to breastfeed their baby. DO IT!! Its such a amazing bond between mother and child. Do your research and know the positives about it. And remember, "NO QUESTION IS A STUPID QUESTION!" If you have a question, no matter the level of TMI, ask. Cause I didn't ask when it came to the blood blisters with Makynlie and I regret that all the time.

To learn more about breastfeeding click here. To learn more about THE BIG LATCH ON and the world record setting click here.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Booty Buns Cloth Diaper Review and GIVEAWAY!!

Let me start this out by letting you know that this is not my first time using cloth. I tried clothing diapering for the first time while we were living in Las Vegas, NV. I used the only cloth diapers i could find that were at Babies R' Us, gDiapers. Now for some they work out great, but for me it was a DISASTER! I had a blow out almost every diaper change. Clothes were soaked. It was just a mess. So, naturally with any kind of negative experience I went to the dark side! I was officially ANTI-CLOTH. I do have to say, my reasoning behind choosing cloth at the time was not the right one. I was only looking at the savings, not the benefits or the different kids of cloth diapers.


I was first introduced to Booty Buns Cloth diapers by the creator, owner and friend Shannon Carillo. At the time we met I had no idea she had this amazing company till the topic of cloth diapers came up one day when she was at my house. I told her my horrible experience with gDiapers and how it was just a mess and I would NEVER do cloth again. At the time she was getting ready for THE GREAT CLOTH DIAPER CHANGE and offered to give me one of her diapers for free. She told me that her diapers can fit a child from 3lbs to 45lbs. I excepted her generous offer, cause I mean who doest like free stuff right? And the fact one diaper can fit from newborn to potty training size? My 4 year old wasn't even 45lbs yet! When she brought it over she explained how to use it and how to wash it. Sounded simple and easy to do. She said to use it for one diaper change a day and see how I like it. Well with only one diaper I wasn't really getting the full effect of the whole cloth diaper experience. So I brushed it off. Then on May 11, 2012 our third daughter, Meghyn, was born. My husband and I had a serious heart to heart conversation about how the price of diapers and wipes were going to go up now that we have two kids in diapers. We were in a struggle as it was, so the thought of $200 a month on diapers and wipes scared us. Whats if we couldn't afford it one month? So, together as a couple and as parents that cloth diapers was what we were going to have to do. I was going to have to dive in and pray to God i wouldn't drown. We purchased our first cloth diaper 'stash' in July 2012, and it was Booty Buns Cloth Diapers lifetime supply (20 diapers).

BEST DECISIONS WE EVER MADE!!! (besides our sweet widdle biddles and getting married)

A little about the company:

The company was founded in 2011, by Shannon Carillo and her beautiful family. After a year of research and reading a lot of reviews she came up with a TRUE one size diaper that includes everything you need! The diaper with 2 sizes of inserts, liner and wipe. Another great part about this company is for every diaper sold, a diaper is donated to a child in need. Whether over seas or here in the great USA, she is helping with covering widdle booties everywhere. She is the official cloth diaper sponsor of Operation Showers of Appreciation .

This is our newest Widdle Biddle Meghyn about a week in a half after she was born. We did a photo shoot for Booty Buns. As you can see Meg still had her stump, and the diaper didn't cover it or brush against it. It was free to move about the cabin. ha ha. She weighed in at 8lbs 11oz when this was taken, and i have to say the diaper fit amazing. It was a bit bulky, but this is a one size diaper. so it grows with the child and is expected. In this picture she is on the newborn/size 1 row of snaps.

And here is our Widdle Biddle Meghyn now! She is now a whopping 13 pounds and the diapers are still going strong and fit amazing. And she even had to go up a row of sizing snaps. so she moved up to the size 2/3 row! She is EBF (exclusively breastfed) baby. So, those of you that breastfeed, know that the poop is runny, watery, seedy...well just a mess right? Well we haven't had a blow out...EVER!! And let me tell you, we have had some pretty messy diapers that if she was in a sposie (disposable diaper) it would have not been a pretty site.

Now remember what I said earlier? we have TWO kids in diapers...


This is our middle Widdle Biddle, Makynlie. She is a year in a half and 23 pounds. The diapers are amazing on her as well. The fit is perfect and once again no blow outs! I especially love the snug fit around the legs and the top of the diapers. Its a feeling of "I'm safe from a mess on my shirt" feeling!


BUY IT: You can purchase a Booty Buns OS Pocket Cloth Diaper, like the one I reviewed, on the Booty Buns website for $25.50 plus $6 shipping for a total of $31.50. That’s a little more than most other pocket diapers, but you have to take into consideration that your getting the diaper + 2 sizes in inserts + a liner and a wipe, and that it will fit your baby no matter what their size. You can also purchase a "Lifetime Supply" (like i did) to save money. They’ve got several different sized packages to choose from. And don't forget to follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

WIN IT!!! To win your very own Booty Buns OS Cloth Diaper in the color of your choice, and to try it out for yourself, follow the Rafflecopter instrustions. Good LUCK!!
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